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Jura Giga X8 commercial

bean to cup coffee machine

jura-commercial coffee machine X8

Special Offer 

Lease rental from £29.99 per week with 3 year warranty



Special Offer

Jura WE8 bean to cup coffee machine 

Free cup warmer and 1 litre milk cooler

Lease rental from £18.49 per week 

Includes three year warranty



WMF Commercial bean to cup coffee machines

now available to rent or lease

lease rental from from £15.52 per week



Grinder, knockout drawer, water filter, and Point of sale materials are supplied with all Caffe Praego supported lease rental packages


Automatic pancake machine from £20 per week


Keeping you scale free Claris Filters supplied with all jura coffee machines


Caffe Praego Barista training available with all espresso lease rental packages

Refurbished Jura bean to cup coffee machines


Rental packages available


"Colin and his team provided a 5-star service they were really helpful when it came to explaining the system that would be best suited for our needs. When they installed they dealt directly with the supplier so you had someone who knew what they were doing and could advise accordingly. They also have an extensive knowledge of the best products and machines within your budget! We used to use supermarket retailers to supply all our bean but canny coffee offers excellent products at a more competitive rate than supermarkets without compromising on quality."

Periscopix - London Office 

more customer comments...... 



"We had our two Jura Giga 3 coffee machines installed in November 2015 and the service we received from Colin at Canny Coffee (from demo to purchase) and then from Jura for the actual installation was spot on. These machines provide great coffee and a also good variety of coffee’s too. They have proved to be very popular in the office…some say it’s like being at Starbucks every day!!"

Source Lipton and Flemming - London Office


"We are very pleased with our new Jura Giga X8 coffee machine. Colin and his team were extremely helpful in recommending a machine suitable for a commercial application. The quality of the dispensed drink is first class and remarked on by numerous customers."

Buckinghamshire Mazda - Ayelsbury


"The team at Canny Coffee know their stuff and remain very supportive in terms of customer service. The machine has been a big hit in the office. I highly recommend Canny Coffee. Thanks to Colin for all your help"

Decision Technologies - London Office


We have had the Giga X8 for just over a year now and the machine has worked perfectly for our growing business. The machine is easy to maintain and has a clear menu etc. The Caffe Praego coffee beans taste great and we have had nothing but positive feedback. Canny Coffee/Hallmark Vending have been a pleasure to work with, with their excellent customer service and high quality products, You will always be guaranteed a high quality experience. 


Apptio - London Office 

Leasing a commercial coffee machine 

Commercial Coffee machine leasing is a flexible option for customers who wish to ease their cash flow and have a quality commercial coffee machine for an affordable price. Canny Coffee will help you through the process.

Title of the coffee machine is always offered to our customers at the end of the contractural period  when leased from Canny Coffee. 

You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually in as little as 1 to 6 years with a fixed payment making it easier to manage your cash. Leasing does not mean that you pay more. For example: buying a coffee machine outright for £3000 vs. leasing the same machine can give you a saving of up to £750 (taking into account maximum tax relief). Hallmark Vending have access to many financial institutions and specialise in new start businesses as well as those of prime financial status. Below is a guide to the process and some general information. 

Typically the coffee machine lease process will involve:

- Choose the product you desire.

- Your information is provided to the lease company.

- Credit checks will be performed.

- A decision will be generated normally within 24 hours.

- Documents generated and signed.

- The machine is then delivered to your workplace.

General information regarding coffee machine hire: 

- If you've been trading less than three years you will be automatically considered as a new start business. 

- If a new start business we can help even if you are a tenant.

- Tenants will be only considered if you are on electoral role for 3 years minimum, must have driving licence or Passport and good credit history.

- A document set up fee is always charged at the beginning of every agreement. 

- Maximum term is typically six years for a long established business. Three years for new start and tenants.

- Obviously with any lending, the better the status - the better the terms imposed by the lending instituation. 

Typical Example of a coffee machine on a lease. 

New start business non homeowner wanting a Jura Giga X3 bean to cup coffee machine and enough coffee for 1500 drinks delivery installation and training. 

Purchase price £3850 could be leased for as little as £17.71 per week (company established five years with good credit status)

If you would like to find out more about leasing or wish to apply , please contact us for more information.

*Leasing is subject to approval and acceptance from our underwriting team and financial checks.